How to start business in Russia

So far the citizens of west countries considers  that international corporations can lead the business in Russia, and potential investors were afraid of rumours on the level of corruption. But, today in big towns and all regions the services of  entrepreneur are more often used from almost all parts of the world. According to information of Federal tax service, in the country around 25 thousand foreigners work. On the share of citizens from countries of formerSoviet Uniongoes around 60%.

It is the result of activities in last years which Russiaactively led to improve entrepreneur climate via reforms of legislation and to simplify the bureaucratic procedures. It allowed to the country to go up on the level of World bank in year 2012 “Doing business” from 120th to 112th place.Russia has, according to the opinion of Russian president Vladimir Putin, go into twenty best countries for leading business. The leaders areSingapore, Hong Kong andNew Zealand.

To the optimization was put registration of business and bureaucratic processes, so the investors now need an hour for that same things they needed a day before.

The most important thing is thoroughly prepare all documents for getting the permit for individual entrepreneur: certified translation of passport at Court interpreter, permit for temporary stay, confirmation on payment of state customs, at previous gaining of visa and permit for stay. For registration of legal person you can contact one of the companies for offering advise services to the foreigners. Basic capital which is needed for business inRussia, depending on the type of activity, and entrepreneurs advise that it is useful to go to new place without 10-15 thousand euro in reserves. The flat rent depends of the town. If in Yekaterinburg orNovosibirsksmall furnished flat costs up to 10 thousand roubles a month (1666 kn), inMoscowit is at least 25 thousand roubles (4166 kn). Apart from that, every businessmen needs to learn Russian language.

The circumstances which can prevent business men at leading business inRussiaare multi checks of fire services, sanitary inspections and others, in whichRussiadoesn’t differ a lot from Europe orChina. Before you arrive and invest money in registration  of legal person, you have to make business plan, mark specification of region for the area where you would like to work. Russian are interested in business development and investments there, and today for success is needed quality and efficiency of service.

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