Prospect milliard contract on PMEF

On this year’s 17th Petersburg’s international economical forum, which will be held from 20th to 22nd June, it is possible to sign contract on conquest of oil field of Arctic shelf. Petersburg’s international economical forum is often, according to its size, compared to forums in Davos. More than 200 presidents of biggest foreign and 374 presidents of Russian companies has already confirmed their participation according to information by organization committee. Many of them are on Forbes list of the richest. Apart from leading people from different countries this year on Forum will participate many experts such as Robert Dudley, Chief Executive Officer of BP plc, Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer of Unilever, Peter Loscher, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG, Michael Dell, Chief Executive Officer of company Dell. Foreign colleagues will be welcomed by not less respective Russian delegation among them by Hermann Graf, president of Sberbank, Aleksej Miller, Gazprom director, Igor Sečin, Rosneft director, Aleksej Mordašov, general director of Severstal Group.

Traditionally on PMEF, big businesses are agreed so in year 2011 on Petersburg’s economical forum it was made around 50 contracts in value of 6 milliard dollars, and expenses of its organization were 28 million dollars. In year 2012, 84 contracts was signed, 9 agreement-contracts in value of 11 milliard dollars. The biggest contract, estimated on 1,7 milliard dollars, was made by company Transaero who bought big planes Airbus A380, and also delivered planes SuhojSuperJet-100, whose value is estimated on 212,4 million dollars.

Apart from signing the contracts, business community will have to consider whole range of important problems, starting from world financial crisis to infrastructure problems of African countries. This year Russia chairs Group 20 so PMEF 2013 will host summit participants of Business twenty (B20).On 18th and 19th June the meeting of Young twenty (Y20) will be held, dedicated to Business forum Russia-ASEAN. Business persons and politics will be focused on problems of certain country. Economical growth of Africa, for example, surprises, but  yet needs support. In the program of this years PMEF is Far East also, where exists, not matter of constant political instability, need for trade and innovative activity and economy diversification. If talking about last tendencies in world economy, experts point out bigger  and bigger influence of countries in development such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and Nigeria. Editor and presenter from CNN International John Defterios will be moderator of theme session of PMEF, which will be dedicated to countries outside BRICS, who will try to show what kind of measures are needed to take so that these countries would preserve its huge influence , and which perspectives are opened by this situation to world business community. apart from economic perspectives “twenty” wants to consider some questions such as, energy use. Fast growth of population, urbanization, increase in part of middle class in whole world and change of spending model- it is only part of factors which is, according to expectations, would have to fasten the growth of energy resources demands. While politicians will talk about demand increase, oil people will consider changes in structure of offer of world market of oil sources-USA with laminated revolution and Japan with huge files of natural gas at the bottom of the ocean which can significantly change whole picture recently. Otherwise, international cooperation, experts think, can be a good answer on that challenges. To achieve active conquest of Arctic shelf, it is to expect agreements on joined development of oil fields.

Petersburg’s international economy forum is held from 1997, and from 2005 under the sponsorship of Russian president. If you need plane tickets, visa for Russia or accommodation during PMEF- contact agency Atlantis travel.

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