Hidden Siberian pillars

Sundrun Pillars that are located in the depths of northern Siberia, were accidentally discovered in 2016 year by a biologist and a photographer Alexander Krivoshapkin when he flew a helicopter through a vast territory above the surface of Siberia. Later the pillars were examined and photographed by a Russian adventurer and a photographer Sergey Karpukhin. “This is almost one of the last undiscovered places on the planet – pillars with a height of 20-30 meters, as well as numerous individual pillars,” – said Karpukhin, whose observations and photographs inspired Austrian rock climber Kilian Fischhuber, who has made a decission to go on an expedition to Siberia.

The expedition was organized by 35-year-old Kilian Fischhuber, one of the best professional rock climbers in the world, the holder of a record five titles in bouldering (a form of rock climbing with climbing on low boulders without the use of ropes). Also in this expedition took part Robert Leistner from Germany and Galina Terentyeva from Russia, who was an interpreter, as well as four other local residents. The expedition began in October 2018 year with a trip to the Siberian tundra, but since it was not possible to find the location of the pillars solely using GPS, Fischhuber has decided to contact Karpukhin, who therefore has provided the information on the exact location of the pillars.

A team from Moscow flew to Yakutsk. Then after Yakutsk they went to Belaya Gora. The members of the expedition sailed about 200 kilometers along the Indigir river, and after several days of trekking along the tundra, they have reached the pillars. Fischhuber has climbed 12 new routes on 12 different pillars, but many of them have not been climbed yet.

“The climbing was difficult, because the quality of the stone deteriorated, taking a looser surface when climbing to the top,“ ‘- said Fischhuber.
Fischhuber also said that there are hundreds or even thousands of pillars that they saw with their own eyes. And according to aerial photographies, they know that these areas have a large number of rock formations. The potential is huge, but it will certainly be difficult to get there.

Source: Večernji list

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