Greece has started to issue three-year valid visas for Russians

viza za grckuThe Greek authorities who have promised Russians to simplify the procedure of obtaining Greek visa have moved beyond pronouncements to action.
The consulates have started to issue Greek multiple-entry visas valid for 3 years. Besides, the number of required documents to be provided has reduced, reported the Association of Russian tour operators.

As has stated Panagiotis Beglitis, Greek General Consul in St. Petersburg, in order to issue visas for children under 18 years there must be submitted a copy of a birth certificate and the original is not required. St. Petersburg citizens who are full-time employed do not have to provide the information about their registration at place of residence.

Greece estimates a successful tourist season and promises to issue visas for Russians in a relatively short time. It is also planned to be opened new Greek visa centers in Russia in addition to already existing twenty visa centers and to employ a larger number of consular officers in order to make the process of issuing visas faster.

Today under the ongoing cross-cultural year between Russia and Greece the majority of Russians who travel to Greece will receive a three-year valid visa and the exception may be only for those who travel to the Schengen zone for the first time.

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