Gazprom traži ustupke kako bi kupio grčkog plinskog distributera

Russian Gazprom wants from Athens better terms in order to stimulate it to buy one Greek gas distributor DEPA, using its position as an only big candidate for their buying. The leaders of Gazprom arrived to Athens for the third time to look for guarantees that DEPA’s clients, hardly hit by saving measures, settle non paid obligations in total of 380 million euro. Russians also want to be freed of obligations of paying deposit in an amount of  20% of purchase price of DEPA while transaction is not approved by European Union. Greece has already agreed to cut down on guaranty, and it also tries to solve DEPA’s problems with liquidity.

Gazprom gave binding offer according to which they are ready to pay for Greek company 900 million euro. The deadline for submitting this offer for DEPA , who made net profit of 106 million euro, is 29th May.

Russian giant is even now main DEPA’s supplier and last year it was supplied to them  60 % of total purchased gas. In year 2011 the purchase price of this energy  was decreased by 7 %.Greek energy participants claim that these prices are still too high comparing to those that Gazprom charge in other parts of Europe where they have bigger competition.

According to Greek exporters close to sale, Gazprom fears that European union could block sale of DEPA. In that case it would lose deposit amount.

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