The programme «Russia-Croatia» at the Tretyakov Gallery

During November at Tretyakov Gallery takes place a Russia-Croatia programme: film dialogues.

The program presents the works of Russian and Croatian filmmakers and materials from the archive of «Croatian Radio Television» – performances of the great Russian bards in Zagreb: Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava in which Okudzhava sings, talks about himself, poetry, Moscow and Russia. Also a joint concert at Vatroslav Lisinsky Concert Hall with Arsen Dedic was shown. The gallery exhibits pictures of Vasily Vereshchagin, whose descendant arrived in Zagreb in 1922 year. There he founded a film school and made the film «In Search of Adventure». Together with his collegues emigrants Anatoly Bazarov and Alexander Gerasimov he released a series of films. Two main films were presented to the public in the Tretyakov Gallery: «Abandoned Child» and «The Sinners». While the first has amused the public, the other has forced the audience to think about Russian immigrants and about censorship. In the thirties Russian emigrants were able to make films dedicated to the topics that were prohibited at Stalin’s era.

Source: Jutarnji list      


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