Fashion show of XD Xenia design brand in Moscow

Croatian well-known designer Ksenija Vrbanic will hold a fashion show in Moscow on February 23th in the Expo Center where will be presented a collection 2016/2017.


1. How long have you been in fashion?

Since 1986 year and this year is 30th anniversary! We have been on the international market for 16 years and we are presented in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Dusseldorf, Munich and Moscow.

2. How did you make up your mind to organize a fashion show in Moscow?

We have been presented in the Russian market since 2000 year. Step by step we have acquired a large number of customers. We have been exhibited at CPM MOSCOW, the leading show in Eastern Europe for several seasons on a regular basis. It seems that we are very popular all over Russia because the demand is growing every season despite of the crisis and unfavorable times.
So it is obvious that there was a need for a presentation at a fashion show for further promotion at points of sale. So the increase of the number of orders is expected.

3. Have you earlier been presented in the Russian market?

Xenia designIn 2000 year we were presented first time in Dusseldorf and there Russian clients found us among the others.
At that time it was a different situation. Almost no one knew about Croatia. It was difficult to break through the market because we made it by ourselves with no one’s help. Slowly we have gained confidence through the season based on the best collection and compliance with business relationships. Today we are established in the international fashion scene and everybody knows about us. Every season we have new orders.

4. What do you think about Russian fashion?

I am familiar with it through our retail outlets and it has avant-garde style as well as our fashion. Today it is in demand in Russia because women are slowly beginning to create a different approach to clothing than usual and expected in Russia. I can say that there are more women who want to be different from the others and to show their individual style.

5. What is your favorite Russian fashion accessory?

I really like fur hats. Russian folk costume is very inspiring and perhaps I will make a collection dedicated to it.

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