Easier study in Russia for Croats

15 Russian universities, and members of Global University community unite their efforts to attract foreign students, and have established a unique center for obtaining new students.

Odsad Hrvati mogu lakše studirati u Rusiji

Maxim Khomyakov, Vice-Rector for International Relations at the Urals Federal University in Ekaterinburg, said that the center will begin to operate early this year, but will be able to, in his words, ”make a minimal impact on the admission of new foreign students in 2015”.

“We can’t expect any greater results until  September 2016, because in most states, high schools seniors have already decided about the university they will attend as well as the country” said Khomyakov.

Why is the center necessary?

The main task of the center is to help universities to attract highly motivated students in those quotas that are designed for foreigners. In 2015 we identified 20 thousand such quotas and are currently allocated by Rossotrudnichestvo (Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, of fellow citizens living abroad and for international humanistic cooperation  op. Ed.).

According to Jaroslav Kuzmin, Rector of the College of the economy, not all foreign students, who are in quotas, are able to improve the educational program at leading universities: ”A lot of them are faced with language problems, or are not able to master the material. University must deduct them. To overcome this problem, the university must itself take part in the selection of students who come to enroll a university”, Kuzmínovo is convinced.

First of all, since the establishment of the center, Global University itself will have a great benefit, but according to Khomyakov the task is much larger: to begin systematic work to ”promote the brand of the Russian higher education”, because Russia ”is lagging behind on a lot of educational markets”. Therefore, foreign students  pay almost no attention to Russia ”.

20 thousand quotas for foreigners 

According to Maxim Khomyakova, the center will work ”on the whole spectrum of directions for preparation of leading Russian universities”.

”[Global University Community colleges] represent various directions, are located in various regions have their own peculiarities and attract foreign. Compare, for example, the Moscow College of Economy, Tomsk State University, Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg and the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. If they make a good advertising campaign, there would be no competition among them”, says Maxim.

According to him, part of the state quotas currently are provided directly to leading universities. Most of them are distributed by Rossotrudnichestvo towards ”foreign policy priorities of Russia and agreements with foreign countries”.

“Let’s just say, if Russia wants to build a series of nuclear power plants in Vietnam, then clearly it is necessary to promote Russian education in this country”.

”The task of the center is that the best high school students come to Rossotrudnichestvo offices, to choose best Russian universities as their priorities and that those, who do not pass the competition, consider Russia as a possible location for getting a commercial education”.

Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines

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