First billion in just two years

PPD (First gas society) is one of the fastest growing companies in Croatia and has achieved five times the annual income of the budget of the city in which it is based.


After the announcement that Zagreb Handball Club, in the future will cary the name of PPD on their jerseys, it was the first time for the most of the domestic public, outside of professional circles, to hear about this Vukovar company.

In fact, many citizens of Vukovar probably don’t know that their city is home to one of the fastest growing domestic companies, the largest domestic retailer of natural gas and a company whose revenues could exceed over billion kunas this year. Five years ago, PPD was just another local distributor of natural gas. Later they came to achieve twenty times higher revenues, became a partner of Russia’s Gazprom- the biggest gas producer in the world, and grew into one of the leading companies in transport and trade of gas, not only in Croatia but also in the wider region.

He learned from the Germans

Only few will believe that it took him only two years for his  incredible business boom. The man behind this swiftly rise of Vukovar company is forty years old economist from Osijek, Pavao Vujnovac. He first came to company in 2006, worked in  the commercial department of the company, with virtually no experience of working in the energy sector. After working as a sales representative for one year, he got promoted to financial, and soon the general director of the company.

At the time, company was focused on local distribution of gas, and gas market in the country did not exist. Ina was responsible for the supply of gas, local distributors would buy gas from them, and then sell it to customers. Back then German giant E.On owned PPD. However, due to changes in the company’s structure and business policy the Germans have decided to withdraw from the Croatia.

After working wit Germans, Vujnovac who had the opportunity to gain insight into the functioning of the liberalized gas market, decided to take a risk and took over the company in a difficult financial situation. Soon, Croatian market is liberalized, and PPD was the only market player with the knowledge, resources and organizational structure ready to compete on it.

Modern network

Cooperating wit E.On, PPD made their first big contract with Zagreb City Gasworks in late 2011. By next year, this company was supplying two of the biggest consumers of natural gas in Croatia- HEP and Petrokemija from Kutina. By the end of 2012, PPD makes a key step forward by becoming local partner for the Russian Gazprom. This status enabled them more competitive gas price and growth.

Today, company employs 50 people, operates in Vukovar and Zagreb, and on the East of Croatia manages the most advanced gas distribution network in the country. In two years, after the planned liberalization of gas supply to households gets realized, they could get the title of the Croatian gas center.

Source: Večernji list

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