Croatia arrested suspected for murder of Russian journalists

Police on 17th May in Zagreb arrested Ilija Čižmić, former deputy of commander  unit Kalina Komogovina which used to act on the area of self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian krajina. He was suspected for taking part in murder of Soviet TV journalist Gennadij Kurinn and Viktor Nogin in year 1991.

Čižmić was arrested in the building of Municipal court inZagrebwhere he came to give a statement  in private claim where he charged EPH for slander, for the text on killed journalists. Earlier retired colonel of HV Ivica Panđa submitted to judicial authorities the package with documents which prove that Serbian unit Kalin Komogovin, led by Stevan Borojević and Ilija Čižmić, took part in September1991 inpurge of place Hrvatska Kostajnica. Just then, not far from that place, the journalist were killed..

Less remind, Gennadij Kurinnoj and Viktor Nogin, who reported on the war in Yugoslavia, arrived at the end of August 1991 inHrvatska Kostajnica, surrounded by Serbian formations. On 1st September they went to Petrinja, where they were supposed to meet with representatives of JNA. On the same day the gunfire was started on the car. According to one of the versions, TV journalists went into an ambush did by Serbian paramilitaries. Both journalist were badly hurt. People in camouflage took then out of the car and killed. Then they took them back in the car and set a fire to it. So far the circumstances of tragedy are not cleared.

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