How much Russia pays for World football championship

The preparations for world football championship 2018 will cost Russia 244 milliard kuna.

Regions counted that for construction of infrastructure for world football championship will need twice as much funds then counted previously.11 Russian towns , which will host world championship 2018, need for infrastructure preparation 1,3 trillion roubles (around 244 milliard kuna), as analyzed by agency Standard&Poor’s. Up to 60% of expenses are social obligations, and that group of expenses will increase in order to fulfil the promise of president Vladimir Putin.

Ministry of sport earlier estimated that the expenses will be twice as smaller: 650 billion roubles (122 milliard kuna). However, the number rose up to 917 billion roubles (around 172 milliard kuna).But to make the world championship worth of attention, it is needed 1,39 trillion roubles, as said in Ministry of sport. It is almost the same amount as for Olympic games inSochifor which the expenses are estimated on 1,5 trillion roubles (around 282 milliard kuna)

Worth of attention means that the expenses will not be limited only on duties given by FIFA:stadium construction, training centre, reconstruction of airports and roads which lead to them, which will be submitted from state budget. Regions asked for money for modernization of  transport, municipal infrastructure, railway stations, roads, Samara for example, wants to build new underground stations (its financial demand is 350 billion roubles, around 65 milliard kuna), what is more than the quarter of total expenses for championship.

This amount is not final yet and it will very probably grow because towns, such as Nižni Novgorod, increase its expenses up to three times as planned.

According to the marks by agency S&P only four regions are capable to finance all expense by themselves:Moscow,Saint Petersburg, Tatarstan and Krasnodarsk area. For majority of regions the expenses go over annual income of regional budget: for Kalingrad- more than three times, for Samara- almost double.These two regions will not be able to finance not even the third of expenses, if state budget doesn’t give the funds which will cover 70 % of expenses. If the government pays 50%, 8 out of 11 regions would be able to manage with the rest of financial obligations, as considered by S&P.

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