Comments on the Croatian-Russian Forum


Croatian companies finally have discovered Russia, while during the EU sanctions, and despite grumbling of US Ambassador. Okay, we might have lost a bit of political credit toward the most powerful allies, but the Minister Vrdoljak and head of CCC Luka Burilović returned from Moscow as a great economic winners. Although there were no many famous billionaires on the Economic Forum held this Tuesday, representatives of more than 250 Russian companies discussed cooperation with the leaders of 100 Croatian companies. Only four Croatian companies could boast on concluded export deals worth more than 30 million euros, which is more than the usual monthly exports to Russia. When you add new contacts, and return of a positive image of Croatia in the Russian business world, the Croatian economic value of ‘blitzkrieg’ could become undetectable.

And the rebuke from West? Sanctions will not last forever. Others have realized the same.  In Moscow, similar conferences was already held between Norway and Russia but they are not in the EU, so they are not obliged by sanctions.

Source: Lider

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