Classic and beyond: Piano dialogue at the Chamber hall of Moscow International House of Music

On April 29th two musicians, extending the boundaries of classical music – Nikola Melnikov (Russia) and MAKSIM (Maksim Mrvica, Croatia) are performing in a joint concert at the Chamber Hall of Moscow International House of Music.


Classical Music is a world of strict tail-coats of conductors, centuries-proved masterpieces, canonical interpretations, detailed following the standard. Undoubtedly. But there are musicians who hear classics not frozen in marble but as a living substance, moving and progressing. They are constantly extending the boundaries of style, pushing together the trustworthiness with contemporary art. Talented and educated, owning all the potential and language of the classics, they are ready to go beyond its borders. And it’s they who are attracting attention of those who breathe by modernity. On the 29th of April, the creative trajectories of the two pianists, virtuosos and experimenters will meet in MMDM. During the first part Nikola Melnikov (Russia) will perform and the second part is given to MAKSIM MRVICA (Croatia), a world-famous pianist, performing under the name of MAKSIM.

maksimMoscow public still hasn’t heard MAKSIM alive. This is the first Russian concert of the extravagant Croatian pianist who is a virtuoso in performing complicated classic masterpieces. MAKSIM is an adept of fashionable genre of classical crossover, the winner of many international awards, including the Award of Nikolai Rubinstein and French Pontoise Piano Competition. However, the bare facts don’t reflect the impression that gives MAKSIM’s incredibly energetic, inspiring performance. It is not surprising that the Olympic champions such as Irina Slutskaya, Crystal Kiang, the Russian team in synchronized swimming perform and win with his music. MAKSIM has released 10 solo albums, including “gold” albums on EMI and Universal Music, and leads constant tour activity. China, Korea, Japan, Europe, USA, England adore him. In April Maksim will for the first time play for the Russian audience, presenting the material of his new album. One of the album’s hits is a fresh interpretation of Tolibkhon Shahidi’s Opus Magnum, named Ballet Moderne by Maksim. Concert organizers received have been informed that Shahidi himself will come to Moscow from London specially for this premiere.


As for Nikola Melnikov, he could undoubtedly alone collect a full house of his fans. He has been playing piano for 18 years, being 22 years old now. Graduate from the strict Gnesinka, Melnikov aroused an extraordinary interest by synthesis of genres and styles. He combines pure classical and neo-classical pieces. The talented young composer created music for cult hip-hop musical “Cops in the fire”, art house films, accompanied poetry jam sessions and elaborated sound projects for Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, RADO, Bacardi, brands, which know a lot about contemporary art. By the date of to the concert Nikola Melnikov is releasing a debut album #22, including his best works of the recent years. The album’s material will be played at the concert, many of Nikola’s pieces will be performed for the first time.

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