BRICS supports Putin

Summit of the republics of Brazil, China, India, Russia and South African Republic. Washington failed in their attempts to isolate Moscow.


Summit of the BRICS countries which, on Thursday, have adopted Political Declaration, proves that Washington’s attempts to isolate president Putin by introducing sanctions, have failed. China, Brasil, India and South African Republic have identical, or very similar views on a number of current political and economic issues.

Besides evaluating current world political situation, the leaders of BRICS have brought the plan of activities for the incoming year. On Russian initiative, the Strategy of economic cooperation, until the year of 2020, has been adopted. Their goal is not just to cooperate, but to work on economic growth of each member of BRICS, as well as raising the competitiveness in the global market.

In their declaration, BRICS also points out that unilateral sanctions, which violate the norms of international law, are unacceptable. The leaders have agreed to fight terrorism by joint forces. Russian President Putin said that BRICS will continue on contributing to international security and addressing key issues of the modern world. They also suggested to the quarreling sides in Ukraine to stick to the Minsk agreement. That was the warning for Ukraine, not to make war plans for forcibly regaining the territory that is now under rebel control.

Source: NOVOSTI online

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