April’s Fool day:6 crazy and imagined news from Russian medias for 1st April

We have gathered the best jokes in Russian medias for 1st April in last years.

Aprilili: 6 ludih i izmišljenih vijesti iz ruskih medija za 1. april

1. Supermodel Naomi Campbell have become the member of party Unique Russia, as written in Moscow Times 2010. Famous model was supposed to help the image of Russia in the eyes of people. „She has already modernized the world of fashion, now she will modernize Russia”, Moscow Times quoted the source in the press service of the party, who, by the way, was not authorized “ to communicate with the press”. The news was broadcasted since the modernization was happening in the country. The reforms were led by Dmitrij Medvedev, Russian president at that time.


2. Russia constructs pilotless airliner, as assured by Aviation Explore in 2010.The value of the project was estimated on 10 to 50 milliard dollars, and for Far east market they planned to make prolonged version. It was planned that on the aircraft will be settled laser system for rocket destroying and generally “everything that moves”.



3. Traffic police will place at the edge of the Russian streets plastic models of girls in bathing suites, as written in 2010 on pages of auto.mail.ru (link for the original was not saved).It was intention was to cut down on the number of traffic accidents: according to the words of so called colonel, as quoted by portal, the drivers when see such a beauty, not only start to follow the rules but also speed down. Sometimes they even go out of the car, to take a photo with plastic model.

4. First official Apple Store in Russia was opened on the place of mausoleum on Red square, station AppleIndider.ru wrote in 2010.The mausoleum itself and its for long time deceased inhabitant Vladimir Lenin, the management of Apple want to “ send to history” as said for a joke.


5. In order to support the communists , who were against previous government , portal kinopoisk.ru said in 2013 that there are the plans that famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio would perform the role of Vladimir Lenin in a film based on the book by Robert Service “Lenin: A Biography”. The newspapers quoted the president of Lionsgate Steve Beeks, who according to the joke, said “Hollywood is full of letters from Russia, where people suggest that Leonardo DiCaprio should play a role of Vladimir Lenin because of the similarity with the Soviet politician.”



Special patrol will supervise the order for peace and discipline in Russian cinemas, as said in kinopoisk.ru in 2013.Specially trained people will, allegedly, follow the visitors in order not to make the noise. In case if the rules on cinema behaviour are not followed “film policemen” will make notice. If someone does not obey the rules, he/she will be forced to leave the cinema. The initiative was to invite back to the cinema the visitors of middle and older generations, who rather stay at home and watch films because “because there are more and more young people who kiss and talk on the phone” as written by kinopoisk.ru.


Source: Ruski vjesnik

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