FAMOUS AMERICAN BLOGER WHO LOVES CROATIA WRITES: “This is a hidden pearl, the place where your journey starts”

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ashley Colburn and I’m the biggest fan of Croatia. I write about this country from the point of the foreigner, hoping to inspire you to further discovering of this beautiful country. Having visited 57 countries of the world, I have realized that there is no such a place as Croatia, the country I proudly call my special home, which can be visited all year round.

In my first article, I decided to write about a place that I call the hidden pearl, the place where your journey starts. I’m talking about Ilok, a charming little town in the eastern part of Croatia, located on the banks of the Danube river. And it’s hard for me to admit that I discovered this place only after eight years and 25 visits to Croatia. I aware that there are almost no residents there who have not tried at least one glass of wine from the cellars of Ilok, where four million liters of wine are produced every year. While many of you regularly travel by car for three hours from Zagreb to the sea, there are no tourists who travel the same three hours in the other direction to the east of Croatia.

It is worth noting that there are no traffic jams on the highway, and driving through numerous villages, we finally enter Ilok, which will enchant you with its beauty. If you like swimming, then you can go to the Danube and to relax on the sandy riverbank. And before you start tasting different wines, you can explore this small town with a rich history and a magnificent museum.

A breathtaking view of the Danube is the main reason to stop here. Visit one of the best places – Ilok’s wine cellars. Here you can have wine tasting of eight kinds of Traminats. This is a beautiful white wine which was brought by Odescalchi family to Ilok in the 18th century. This wine was served during the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 year.

And do not leave the town until you try the Danube fish. Ilok is an ideal place for a romantic break from everyday life. Within one year I alone visited five times this town and was satisfied with the trip. Thanks to its hospitable residents and fine wine, you really do not need anyone to accompany you, just start your journey.

Source: www.jutarnji.hr/life/putovanja

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