All you need to know about Sochi


Till Winter Olympic Games  (ZOI) Sochi 2014 is only 6 months. So, here are some information on host town, whether you plan to travel or watch live big sports happening, or watch or on TV screen.

Sochi is situated on the most western part of Russia, on the coast of Black sea, near boarder with Georgia. Town spreads 90 km along the sea. Sochi is from Moscow only something less than 1000 km far and it is popular destination for holiday for Russians and the biggest summer resort. Summer season in Sochi lasts 6 months, and climate is subtropical and mild during whole year.

Sochi has its air port, made bigger by new terminal in order to be able to accept big number of passengers in February. If you fly from USA, you have to change planes in Moscow, and flight from Moscow to Sochi lasts around 2,5 hours. Main international plane companies, such as Delta , Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, are connected by flights with Moscow, while to Sochi you fly with domestic (Russian) Aeroflot. Also direct flights by Aeroflot from many towns are available.

Maybe you ask yourself how ZOI are held in this summer resort. But, Sochi has the best of both worlds, when it is the word about the temperature, since it is situated under Caucasus.

Events will be held on two place: “Coastal Cluster” and “Mountain Cluster”, or coastal and mountain area.

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