Vizni režim šteti hrvatskom turizmu – traži se hitno rješenje

Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) warned today that visa regime and its insufficiently developed implementation for certain countries can cause big problems for domestic tourism and economy in whole and call relevant institutions to solve them in as short as possible term.

From UHPA is reminded that by entering ofCroatiain EU it comes to visa regime realization by which citizens of key countries ofRussia,UkraineorChinahave to get visa for entrance toCroatia.

Croatiaon 1st July went into EU membership, but at the same time enters Schengen regime, which means that certain markets will find themselves in the situation that for entrance in Croatia will not need Schengen visa, but they will have to have visa of republic of Croatia. This unfavourable system for domestic tourism will become valid from 1st April, as it was said.

The problem which UHPA wants to point out is in the fact that towards all actual measures, relevant institutions still didn’t find the model how to solve this problem.

Model of implementation and quality realization of getting visas potentially could lead to cancellation of big number of foreign partners  and decrease in number of tourist from these markets, as it is considered in UHPA:

They point out  that inadequate implementation and non finding of solution by relevant institutions till today created significant problems to domestic agencies

If the solution to the problem it found out in shortest possible time  and with concrete plan for implementation, damage for all subjects of realization of up coming season, including state budget, will be enormously big, as pointed out by UHPA.

They also point out that due to inadequate implementation solution of problem for getting visas, situation that certain tourist subjects, for example in Turkey, in big number are distancing themselves from the wish for cooperation and arrival to Croatia.

From UHPA say that recently some of their members have been faced with situation that certain number of tourist representatives  from the markets which need visa should have come toCroatiain inspection of destination and inspection of accommodation capacities.

They asked for urgent visa from Consular offices and Ministry of foreign affairs and European businesses for entrance toCroatia, and which is issued according to international rules in 72 hors, but to the trip organizers was said that getting of urgent visa will be within 60 days

By this relationship, that is due to pure developed system of visa issuing, domestic agencies  lost business partners, Croatia lost big number of guests, and state budget significant resorts, as it was said from UHPA.

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