Russia demands an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria

Russia demands to fulfil the request of Syrian authorities on investigation of use of chemical armament on the area of town Alepp. ”We insist to fulfil concrete demands of Syrian authorities on question of investigation of UN on possible use of chemical armament in March not far from Alepp”, said the minister of internal affairs Sergej Lavrov.

In the vicinity of town Alepp it was recorded the case of use of chemical armament. Twenty five people died, and big number  was injured on 19th March this year in the attack of Syrian rebels. It is thought that the rebels used chemical armament. SoSyria, following law of international rights, right away informed UN and asked for investigation. General secretary of UN asked for access to all objects and bodies who are in the area of that country. But the minister of foreign affairs ofRussia warns that it is not right and that it reminds of resolution brought by Un in the relation of Iraq.Russia has expressed its opposition to army intervention of USA in Syria.

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