Kremlin and Diamond Fund

A visit to Moscow’s Kremlin you shouldn’t miss. Borovitsky hill  is the birth place of Moscow, Kremlin -town-fortress and the biggest medieval fortress in Europe, spiritual centre of Moscow and Russia, the rock of Russian government, art treasury. Kremlin is Russian national sanctity and one of the architectural wonders. Simply – it is interesting and nice there. On Cathedral square there are beautiful churches: Assumption church, Allusive church, St. Archangel Michael, Church of the Deposition of the Robe, Church of Moscow’s patriarchs. On Ivanovski square next to Tsar- cannon and Tsar bell it is obligatory to take a photo for memory. It is hard to list all Kremlin’s attractions! In Diamond treasury inside Kremlin armoury there is valuable objects collection which were a property of Russian emperors. The plenty of treasure on one place!

Excursion is organised every day, except on Thursday. Duration: 2 hours

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