Where Russians spend their holidays: in previous years, in Croatia, today in Turkey

Russians intend to change their vacation destination for this year: those, who used to go to Croatia, now choose Turkey, and the others wish to stay in the Russian resorts. Experts assume that the number of Russian tourists abroad reduced by 25-30%.

Kamo odlaze Rusi na odmor: Prijašnjih godina u Hrvatsku, danas u Tursku

For the last couple of years, Alexandra (34) has traveled to Turkey with her family, but this year they have decided to go to the Russian south. “We did the calculation, Turkey was very expencive so we decided to go to Gelendzhik. If the prices over there go up, we can always stay here, in Idel-Ural State and rest on Volga. But we have already used to take our vacation on the sea, so we will try to organize a cheap one, but on the south”, she said.

More economic measures

Yulia (30), singing instructor, has been going to the north of the Republic Karelia with her friends, where she does yoga. But this year, their prices have increased. “The prices of tickets, food and rooms have increased so we decided to take more options. We will probably go to Altay, where the prices are cheaper, or will sleep at tents”, she said.

AMC Yacht Training Project Manager, Bella Bzhihatlova organizes yacht excursions around the world. She said that the number of orders remained the same, but the destinations have changed. “People still do traveling but tend to choose cheaper countries. Earlier, they would choose Italy or Croatia, but now Turkey. Not everybody skimps. For instance, we have offered an expensive destination- Portuguese Azores- and sold out in a week, says Bella. “But, the demand is still down. This year, our clients have not traveled to the popular regatta Pelica Cup, instead went to Sevastopol”.

Obviously, Russian destinations are getting more attractive, but their prices have also increased. Natalija Pochanskaya, Head of the department of Sochi Association  of tourist-trekking organizations, said that already 70 to 80 percent of hotel rooms have been reserved for the summer season. Expert assumed that increasing of demands are associated with the fact that the people fear to travel abroad for political and economic reasons. Pochanskaya said that Heads of Administration have traveled to China and made a deal with the local tourist companies, now await tourists. “We can accommodate up to 2 million of Chinese people. Because of that, now we are preparing info materials on Russian, English and Chinese”, she concluded.

Russian tourists are becoming more independed

According to the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidza, this year there will be 25-30 percent less tourists in foreign destinations, and the number of those who will rest in Russian resorts will increase by the same number. “Turkey will remain top  summer destination for Russians. Egypt has moved from fourth to second place, surpassing European destinations- Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and it is associated with the difference in the exchange rates of currencies”, she said.

Russian tourist are getting more independent. According to ATOR’s, app 15% of those Russians, who previously used services of travel agencies, this year will choose to make their own arrangements.

Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines

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