Egyptian authorities shall complete the blank spaces on charters


Egypt is willing to subsidize charter programs of Russian tour operators said Hisham Zaazua, Minister of Tourism in Egypt, on Monday at a press conference. “The government is ready to take the risk: if you can not fill all the seats on charters, we will reimburse the costs.” The Minister pointed out that the authorities have developed a package of measures that will help Egypt to return it’s former popularity among Russian tourist agencies- together with the subsidization of charter flights it was planned and promotion of existing resorts and presentation of new trends.

Specifically, the government plans to develop its Mediterranean resorts and organize new trips, including a visit to Cairo, Alexandria and other cultural centers in Egypt. As for the prices, according to statements of Zaazua, they will not change this year. However, it will be realized only after the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs removes its recommendations, but still do not know when this will happen.

At the press conference, Mr. Zaazua admitted that there is no exact data but it is anticipated that tourists will get back to Egypt in November. “The damage that has been done Egyptian tourism and Russian tour operators is huge,” said the minister. Also, according to his calculations, the Russian tourists brought the Egyptian economy more than $ 21 million a month.

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