Bulgaria revises visa regime for Russians


On February 6th, Bulgaria promised to ease visa regime for Russians- new visa regime will apply in the coming summer. It was agreed in the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Interior, according to Bulgarian media. However,this information has not appeared on the website of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Russia.

Russians who have already received permission to enter Bulgaria will get a visa for three years. Tourists visiting the country for the first time, can count on annual visa. Underage Russians traveling to Bulgaria on holidays or want to spend a vacation in the camp will receive multiple visas to five years. People with disabilities will get a visa for one year, two years or multiple visas. This was reported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who had already sent instructions to their diplomatic and consular offices.

In addition to the new visa regime for Russian tourists, the same conditions were set for citizens of five other countries- Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia. Bulgaria had decided to revise the procedure for issuing visas due to a fall early booking for the summer season of 2015.

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