Imperial village (Pushkin) built in 18th century nearby Saint Petersburg. Luxury summer residence of rulers around which the settlement is formed. The castle was firstly built in the time of empress Elizaveta, the daughter of Peter the Great, and later on it was converted into summer residence of empress Catherine. Luxury of palace, gold plated dining room, gold plated mirrors, famous Amber room where many walls are covered by amber will leave you breathless.

On the coast of Gulf of Finland the is one of the greatest and best preserved palaces of imperial family Romanov, surrounded by great , picturesque park thanks to which the Russian call it Russian Versailles. Complex of palaces and parks built in baroque style with the element of neo-Gothic, neo-baroque and classicism. It spreads on area of 607 hectars. Your attention will be drawn by cascades with 200 bronze statues and 64 luxury made fountain which are the most frequent sights on postcards and photos.

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