Hermitage      Hermitage

Hermitage is one of the biggest museums in the world, it consists of 5 connected buildings. The scientists have counted that you would have spend 15 years of your life if you stopped in front of every exhibited piece just for a minute, in total 8 hours a day. We offer you this excursion so that you see at least a part of works of art in this museum. We will Winter castle as well, the most famous building of 5 buildings of Hermitage, enjoy in the view on luxury of many castles and some of the greatest achievements of painting art. The collection of west European painting art specially stands out which consists of about 600 000 exhibits from Middle ages till today and it is one of the biggest collections of that kind in the world. In Hermitage you will see works of art by Leonardo Da Vincy, Rubens, Degass, Courbet, Renoir, Van Gogh and many other. By walking along the halls of this museum you will feel as if you are on the trip through the time and different countries of the world.


Excursion is organised every day. Duration:3 hours

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