Rusija gradi ploveću nuklearku

First floating nuclear power plant „Academic Lomonosov“ will be built until 2016 by Baltijski institute. It will insure energy, heating and water for port city with 200 000 inhabitants, industrial zone and off shore oil, platform on Arctic.

Building of floating nuclear power plant  Russia started in year 2007 in factory Sevmaš in Severodvins, but after a year it was transferred to Saint Petersburg. It was given up from some projects due to lack of funds, but in December of last year the building continued after signing the contract between Baltijski institute and Rosenergoatom. The time period to finish the building of nuclear power plant is September 2016. At building of floating nuclear power plant the technologies of building of nuclear power plants of icebreaker which went through hard conditions of Arctic during 50 years. Powerhouse will have its use in far parts of northeast Russia and on Far east, because these parts are faced with lack of energy, which increases their development.

“Academic Lomonosov” will have volume under water 21 500 tons, length of boat will be 144, and width 30 meters. Crew will be made of 69 people. Floating nuclear powerhouse will not have personal motors but it will be transported by tugboat.

Powerhouse will have two reactors type as icebreaker, capacity of 300 megawatt of heating energy. Along with production of electricity and heating energy, powerhouse can be used for desalination and it will produce 240 million cubic meters of water daily. Floating powerhouse will increase energetic security in Russia, because it will in accidental and extreme situations, such as calvary of Japanese powerhouse, floating could be able to insure electric energy of these regions where existing powerhouse fell out of system.

“Academic Lomonosov” will be able to rent to countries with hard accessible areas for who building of powerhouses on ground  either too dangerous or too expensive. Around 15 countries, such as China, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Namibia and Argentina, has already shown the interest for Russian floating nuclear power plant.


Apart from that, mobile powerhouse can insure superiority of Russia in further fight for resources of Arctic, region which releases ice, where 13% of untouched world oil reserves is kept and 30 % of non explored gas reserves. “Academic Lomonosov” can become the heart of industrial complex in North ice sea.

The ideal of floating powerhouses is not new. Firstly they were built by Americans, in 1961 with 15 years of effort and 180 million dollars.But the project failed.In year 1976 it was closed due to security reasons and economical inefficiency, as well as protest of ecologist and anti government protests of sub coastal countries.



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