Rusija ima samo 7 godina prije naftne krize?

Russia is facing with the difficult times.British biggest bank HSBC predicts that the income of oil export   will decrease and in only seven years. British believe that the oil export will be used, and that they will not be possible to offer the current purchase level. Russian side took some steps to maintain the production on current level while expecting these forecasts.

HSBC Bank forecasts decrease in oil production for 13 % in period 2020-2025.It is supposed that in year 2021 the budget will have losses in the amount of around 2,1 milliard dollars.Negative trends in next few years will just increase.

In order to compensate old oil fields, Russia will have to increase its oil production for at least million tons. At this moment, the reserves of open oil fields are estimated on 10 million tons, what is around 67 % of replacement.

According to the opinion of some experts, oil production in year 2016 and2017 inRussiawill rise at the rate of 2 percente per year. The peak of oil production will be in 2018-2019. British HSBC explains that the development of new oil fields needs to be done in best possible terms for tax payers.Oil Companies by leading the development of these areas will ensure tax credits, but it will negativelly face on budget of country in the middle of income decrease.

According to the words of deputy of miister of energetics Kiril Molodtsov, this year the level of oil production in Russia should reach 520 million tons of oil. In year 2012 this amount is a bit smaller, 518 million tons of oil. In some regions the fall in oil production have already started.For example, in Khanty- Mansi authonomy county, which is the leader in oil production, the production is in decrease from2008. Inyear 2011 the level of production fell for 2 % compared to last year.The decrease is the result of the fact that the old reserves are poored, and development of new big fields with reserves of more than 300 million tons of oil are not produced.This explanation was given by Yury Bodrov, main financial advisor of Nexia Pacioliev Consulting.

According to the words of Igor Sechin president of Rosneft, “Rosneft” will take the obligation to undertake all investment programs concerning industry development in region Orenburg. “Rosneft” in 2013 invests 24,4 milliard  in development of new deposits of thin oil in region Orenburg.”Rosneft” in year 2013 invests 24,4 milliard in development of new deposits of thin oil in region Orenburg.According to regional government, 24,4 milliard dollars by “Rosneft” will be awarded by the authorities on contracts with “Orenburgneft” and “Buguruslan Neft”.

Apart from that, “Rosneft” promised to maintain social objects in areas where it is present and it participates in cultural and sports initiative in regions.In year 2013 around 10,5 milliard roubles was awarded to budget of Orenburg region from “Rosneft” by paying the taxes.After gaining 100 % share in TNK-BP, the property in Orenburg region significantly increased.


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