Rosneft objedinjuje sibirskog proizvođača za osiguranje opskrbe Kine

Rosneft, the biggest world oil company, took over total control on east Siberian raw producer  with the aim to realize ambitious plans for spreading export toChina.

It was agreed that this state company will double the export of oil inBeijingwith current 300 000 barrels per day , in agreement  valid 270 milliard dollars.

Rosneft’s Management president Igor Sechin said that it is expected that Taas-Yuryakh produces million tons of oil in 2014, and more than 5 million tons per year starting from year 2017.

Rosneft didn’t give any details on the price paid for 65 % of TASS-Yuryakh, and 35% was bought last year from Sberbank Capital of Russian bank for 444 million dollars.

Based on this agreement, 100 % part in Taas-Yuryakh is estimated on around 1,3 milliard dollars- or 0,7 dollars per barrel of hydrocarbon reserves-

Rosneft, which became the world oil company after 55 milliard dollars valid over taking of TNK-BP joint venture, plans to produce 206 million tons of oil this year, or three times more than British annual consumption.

Rosneft and Russian gas monopoly Transneft  have been for long time in conflict on that who should finance further spreading of directions inAsia, but last week they agreed to share expenses.

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