Racionalnija potrošnja energije

Russian consumers are encouraged on more rational electricity consuming next year. From 2014 those consumes who would not pay attention on this will be punished with higher tariff.

Prime minister Dmitrij Medvedev signed legislative on introducing regulations for energy consumers in whole Russia. New norm will cover at least 70% of total energy spending for houses, but every region will separately count its boarder. In seven Russian regions new regulation will become valid on 1st September. “Four regions have already introduced new regulations”, said Dmitrij Kozak, Russian prime minister deputy.

Main reason of initiative  is to stop subsidization of those who can pay the amount  of used energy at economy prices and to pay attention on consuming. In the calculation of base for use of electricity it will be paid attention on the type of object. For example, the price will be higher for bigger house holds which use more electrical appliances  due to lack of alternative, while people in village and those who live in social flats will have privileges as well as retired people and disabled.

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