Pripreme za južni krak “Južnog toka”

Ministar of natural resources, mining and planning in Government of Republic of Serbia Milan Bačević said that the Ministry in accordiance  with  Srbija gas and Gazprom collects documents for making of plan of special needs for south track „South flow“.

 Bačević points out that the south track of „South track“ consists of way to Macedonia, with separation of one part to Kosovo and from the way to Montenegro which could in that way get the gas from „South flow“ from Serbia.

 By the track that leads to boarder with Montenegro, Serbia would be able to follow the way of future highway Požega-Boljare and in that way totally in infrastructure cover whole area of Serbia.

 According to Bačević, the length of south track of “South track” would be twice as longer as existing track  of special mean, for which the plan has already been approved, and the law has been accepted, and which announce  “South flow” the project on national interest for Serbia.

 It is considered that in this way Serbia would become energy force in Europe because  many countries in region would get their gas over Serbia. Serbia would use its geographical position and turn in into its geopolitical and geostrategic advantage, as Bačević added. He also points out that making of plan of area of special means for south track of “South flow” , for part to Macedonia, is in procedure, and part to Montenegro is still in phase of conceptual elaboration.

 Building of first phase of “South flow” should start at the end of this year.


Source Poslovno jutro ,



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