For unemployed Russians there is work in Sochi

The number of unemployed people in Russia is 879 thousand. Some of them could find their job in Sochi, during Winter Olympic Games (ZOI) because for service facilities in objects of Olympic game in Sochi

7 thousand working places is opened. So Ministry of labour decided to transfer working labour on the south.

If these plans become realized unemployed Russians will push out immigrants because 40% of total number of immigrants who came to Krasnodar area is on Sochi. This is the result of big constructions of big ranges in Sochi and the fact that the Ministry of labour rose the quotes for foreign workers at the beginning of the year from 29 to 50 thousand people.

However, this quote is not used completely, because Adecco Group Russia, which hire personal for Olympic objects, because among employed there is around 10 % citizens of Sochi, 89% are citizens of other Russian regions and less than 1% foreign experts. The last are representatives of unique jobs and managers.

For one vacant position in average three of four biographies comes, but as it was said in Adecco Group Russia, they hope that the number of candidates will rise soon, and it is even harder to find workers witht the knowledge of English.

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