Volunteer programs in Russia for charity travelers

We bring you info on where and how you can volunteer in Russia.


Unlike western countries, volunteer programs began to appear and become popular in Russia just recently. Today, all interested parties may join the activists who want to generously provide humanitarian and medical assistance, to save endangered species or work to improve the ecological situation in the world.


Most of the volunteer programs are free of charge. Considering high costs of flights within the country, accommodation and food, volunteer programs are great alternative to the usual travel.

 Save the Planet

Help saving the Arctic and the reduction of global warming and become a member of one of the most prominent enviromental organizations in the world- Greenpeace.

If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can become a permanent member and a part of active social network. In order to do that, you need to fill out the application on their website greenpeace.org and write a letter to coordinator. You will receive information about all events in which you can participate on e-mail.

Natural reservations

Since 2002., special volunteer programs are being conducted in Russia and near abroad. They are special because, this way you can see natural reservations and national parks in Altai, on Ural, Caucasus, Siberia and other part of country, where regular tourists mostly can not get in throughout the year.

To participate, you must be at least 18 years old, fluent in English and have a valid passport.

You can check the schedule of volunteer shifts on the website wildnet.ru.


200 kilometers away from Moscow there is a wonderful artistic park Nikola- Lenivec,  which invites participants in the program annually. Volunteering from all over the world is a common practice here, and this place transforms thanks to their work; appearance of new works of art, held a large and high-quality festivals like “Night of new media” dedicated to the art of modern media, and “Arhstojanie” which is held every year. These festivals attract thousands of people who leave cities and enjoy in fantastic art projects, conversation with artists, architects, musicians and designers from all over the world, rest from the urban noise and enjoy the outdoors.

Every volunteer gets a free accommodation in tents and three meals a day. Additional options includes tours of the park, sauna once a week, and tickets for two people for any festival.

To participate, you need to fill out online application: nikola-lenivets.com or call Dennis, volunteer programs manager: +7 (920) 872-31-42.

 The Zoo

Do you wish to go into the wild and see all the wild animals, but you can’t leave the city? Volunteer in Moscow Zoo. Of course, they will not allow you feed a polar bear or a tiger out of hand, but they will teach you about how the animals live and how to teach guests about safe behavior in zoo, without endangering their own safety or safety of the animals. You can became a keeper of any animal you want. But this service requires a cash compensation in the amount of 50% of the price of food.

For participating call:  +7(499)252-29-51 or send an e- mail to: volonter@moscowzoo.ru

How to become animal keeper: moscowzoo.ru/my-zoo/become-a-guardian/

For additional questions

A good source for finding international volunteer programs is on volunteermatch.orgIf you want to volunteer in Russia, visit dobrovolets.ruAt both sites, you can enter all the parameters that you want to locate the program and participated in it. The choice is not limited to short-term options. Long- term volunteer programs from 2- 3 months to a year.


Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines

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