The most beautiful villas by Russian tycoons on Adriatic

Despite the negative investment climate in Croatia, the richest Russians still love Croatian coast. Russians love the fact the Croatia is relatively small country, as guests in Croatia they have good hosts, gastro offer is good and cheap and there are many interesting things which they can see, and they don’t fell under any kind of pressure. Some of them just arrive during the summer tour around the islands on their yachts, while others settled in Croatia more permanent, bought houses and independently enjoy in blissful anonymity which Croatia offers.

Russian riches, among them is oligarch Aleksandar Lebedev, say that they love the fact that they can walk around Dubrovnik normally because nobody knows them there and don’t pull their sleeves. Lebedev was surprised that his friends from world and European jet set recognized in Croatia what journalists and ordinary people did also, and that nobody paid attention of him, what was really nice for him, since Lebedev is  double richer  than his friend John Malkovich who he was with at that time.

Similar treatment enjoy other rich Russians who escape from Moscow to Adriatic because they feel comfortable there, nobody bothers them, the mentality is similar, they don’t have any problems with hosts, and Slavic character  and similarity of language is just some of the reasons why Russians want gladly to come here.

Even though Italian west coast and islands, French winter resorts and riviera are main addresses for Russian riches who like to show off, in Croatia  are those who don’t have problems with social statues  or they just simply want to have it somewhere else, and they have a rest here.In Croatia, however, they don’t have the offer in happenings, shopping and glamour as they have in other European, to Russians favorite towns.

Love for poetry brought one of the most powerful Russian women to Adriatic, in Orebić on Pelješac, where she has a house and a sports camp. Irina Viner Usmanova (left on the picture with a husband), the coach of women team in rhythmic gymnastics, who just received the award from president Vladimir Putin, and the wife of the richest Russian, the metal king Ališer Usmanov, loved Croatian coast by reading Pushkin. ”When I arrived to Croatia, I was fascinated with its beauty, people and sea. Apart from that, I feel great here, this is the place where I can work and enjoy in the peace, rest.” So Irina every year celebrate her birthday on Pelješac with her friends. The richest Russian, second year in the row, 28th richest man in the world whose wealth is estimated on 18,1 milliard dollars, Ališer Usmanov, born in Uzbekistan, is passionate collector of art pieces and the owner of Metalloinvest, sister company of Gazprom. Ališer Usmanov didn’t stop only on investing in heavy industry but he also preoriented on internet and communication technology and medias, but also on football so he is major owner of Arsenal. He is the owner of Russian Kommersant, he is co-owner of the second biggest mobile net in Russia MegaFon and the biggest internet company on Russian area. One of the most powerful Russian families- stays in Croatia without any pomp. This discreet holiday suits them, even though they attend all more important happenings, in Croatia they want privacy and peace.

While she was growing in Soviet Union, as a girl, today 38-years-old  Olga Rodionova dreamed about having the house on the sea, villa where she would be able to enjoy and which she would leave for her children.She found such house in Croatia, in villa Sveti Rok in Lovran, luxury residence more than century old. It was built by architects  Attilio Marguolo and Francesco di Floriano in the style of old Venice neo-Gothic, and according to the order by first owner, Austrian Baron Joachim von Brenner. Villa changed the owners few times. Austrian barons had to leave to communist authorities, and the members of  executive Council of Vojvodina got it. It was like that before the war, and then it was left alone. Nice stone house cried for decoration and new owners. Sergej Rodionov, former banker, and today rich publisher- the poorest of all Russian oligarchs, as the medias call him, he considers himself as just simple business man- he bought the house 15 years ago. As soon as he saw it he knew that it was ideal summer residence  for his family of three members, and Olga Rodionova considers Croatia to be her second home.

vila lozica Viktor Vekselberg 55- year old Russian oil and metal oligarch, born in Ukraine. On Forbes list of billionaire he holds 64th place in the world, 6th in Russia.Vekselberg is the owner of Dubrovnik’s villa Lozica ( which he recently bought 5 million euro), few years ago from Hrvoje Čermak he bought company Tifon Labirint which manages elite restaurant Labirint, situated in town walls and with the view to the port. Vekselberg for 1,5 million euro, or 8500 euro per day, rented villa Scheherazade while his villa Lozica is renovated. He is the owner of the biggest number of Faberge eggs, he has 15 of them. He graduated onMoscow’s Institute for transport.Thanks to good connections with regime of Boris Jeljcin, he started to claim on the scale in the business world, building the reputation of cunning oilman. Vekselberg is in Russia the most famous as coordinator  of development of technology park Skolkovo, of Russian “Sicilian valley”.

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