Ural expects discounts in Czech Republic


Ural Tourist Board announced that after negotiations with several Czech regions, they have managed to negotiate additional discounts and services for Ural tourists, and in return the costs to Ural should be reduced by 20% in the Czech Republic .

Mihail Maltsev, CEO of the Ural Tourist Board said on Feb. 5 for TourDom.ru, that they are negotiating with the Czech Tourist Association together with administrations of several regions such as Moravia, South Bohemia, and the cities of Teplice, Prague and others. it’s still hard to tell about how big discounts we are dealing with. “The agreement with Checks should be completed in the second half of February,” said Maltesev.

Urals tourists spend on their travels several times more money than tourists from other European countries or even from Moscow, so therefore it is necessary to provide them with more favorable services in the hotels and travel agencies. “Our tourists spend a lot of time on the road and for that reason, they will stay in the country for more than one weekend,” says Mikhail Maltsev. In addition, many hotels in the Czech Republic already operate in this way and they are still empty. In the Czech Republic there was a decline in tourist arrivals from Russia for 60%, and there is also less tourists from other parts of Europe. That is why many hotels are willing to reduce prices up to 15% compared to last year, “said Irina Lurie, director of Travel System agency.

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