Turkey – The authorities want to keep the flow of tourists from Russia with the help of subsidies


The Turkish government is considering subsidizing of Russian tour operators to ensure a steady flow of tourists to their destinations. According to the representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Irfan Onal, on Tuesday February 3rd Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said,  that in the next two months, the authorities will make an appropriate decision. On the same day, these issues were discussed at the meeting of the Turkish delegation with the leading Russian tour operators to Turkey from Moscow. It is assumed that for each flight , charter tenants will receive $ 6,000, and by this tour operators will recoup some of the cost of excursion sales.

Details of the subsidy programs are not yet known, but we can assume that these measures will affect the length of the charter chain. This is not the first move of Turkey in order to preserve the number of tourists from Russia.

Tour operators say that if these incentives are introduced, the effect on prices will be positive. Subsidizing of charter flights  will be an additional tool in keeping the prices for travel to Turkey,for Russian customers affordable, despite the weakening of the ruble and the general economic situation. Egypt for several years subsidized charter flights from Russia. They have a different principle but with a similar logic. The result is the fact that Egypt has become the most acceptable destination for Russian tourists .

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