Transaero Airlines First in Russia to use iPad as Electronic Flight Bag

Transaero Airlines is first plane company inRussiathat will get operative permit fro Federal agency for air transfer to use iPad as Electronic Flight Bag-EFB Class1.

Use of EFB cuts down the need to use the paper amount which is not needed during the critical flight phases, such as taking of and landing. Also it optimize the crew work and increase the fuel utilization thanks to decrease weight.

For getting the permit Transaero will submit to Agency the documents on use of iPad as EFB class1, program of crew training and results of research on electromagnetic compatibility with navigation and plane radio equipment.

Specialized program obileFliteDeckPro, developed in Jeppensen, gives to pilots current access to enroute datas and charts and diagrams of airports on iPad.

“At the moment, more than 1000 Transaero’s employees use this application. Nine out of ten Transaero pilots have iPad and advanced programs which has, apart from navigation inforation, Operation Flight Crew manual and meteorological and additional information. It enables to  possible pilots and crew not only preparations for flights, but also to have digital access to important documents on flights”, as considered in Transaero.

Use of iPad as EFB is only small part of Transaero’s concern for environment. From 2011 Transaero has the program with the aim to define key factors for optimal fuel consumption and energy efficiency. Program includes new procedures which are used for flight planning  and for work. During the first year if procedure total volume of filled fuel was decreased for 19500 tons. Transaero Airlines pays special attention on fuel spending and decrease in toxic gases. In 2008 Transaero was among first plane companies that joined UN’s initiative Global Compact. Its participants, leading world companies, oblige themselves to respect common principles of environment protection. Transaero fleet consists of planes with small fuel consumption, and development strategy is based on principles of fuel efficiency and environment protection.

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