Tourists refused a money refund because he didn’t have a contract of a travel agency with tour operator

During the pay out of damage to customers of ASCENT TRAVEL, one more incident happened, since the money return was not approved with the explanation that allegedly the contract with tourist agency was signed 3 days before the agency renewed the contract with toour operator.However, Agency claims that the date of procedure and payment by Ascent is the same as the date of signing the contract with a passenger. “ Previous contract was valid for year 2012 and for some time we haven’t worked with tour operators. Anyway, the tourist told us that insurance company POMOĆ made final decision to refuse the demand for paying out of damage”, as said in an agency. The worker in an agency said that their client will go to the court and that they prepare all documents so the Agency also asked lawyers services and noticed Managers company of net “TBG Tourist brand” whose members they are. In the Net were also surprised by this decision of insurance company because as it was noticed by experts, according to the law in list of documents for OK there is not mentioned the agreement between tourist agency and tour operator. “Insurer has no right to ask for documents which are not listed, and the tourist is not obligated to show them.” as said in Article 17.5

“We have already had similar case, when we helped one of our agencies to submit demand in “Alfa Insurance” (second insurance company in Ascent), because it was asked the contract with the tour operator than as well. But, When we referred to article 17.5, they agreed with us and money was returned”, as said in TBG.

Lawyers agree that the acts of OK were not legal. “Even if tourist agency didn’t have the contract with tour operator, but the trip was reserved, confirmed and paid (which means that tourist agency fulfilled all its duties), according to law there is not any reasons to refuse damage compensation”, as explained by lawyer of law company “Persona Grata” Polina Barabanova.

In insurance company POMOĆ they insure that they will solve the situation.

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