Top ten dishes in Sochi

Hospitable Cuban area and whole hospitable Caucasus- all combined in one word: Sochi. It is one of Russian towns with special multi cultural culinary tradition. Take this unique opportunity to try, during the Winter Olympic games, top gastro specialities.

So, don’t go from Sochi not trying shashlik (Russian skewers). What is barbecue for Americans, it is shashlik for Russian. Shashlik is considered to be the crown of Sochi’s cuisine.It is pieces of meet which firstly stay in marinade, and that they are put on metal stick and roast on mangal ( oval dish with legs) on open fire. This is favourite meal of citizens and visitors of Sochi. It can be ordered in caffes, restaurants or canteen even during the summer, on the heat of 35 degrease.And it is different everywhere, because every chef has its secret of preparation and forming of this meal. In classical version with shashlik is served onion, carrot, parsley, celery, fresh vegetable, lavaš ( Caucasus flat bread) and red sauce (similar to ketchup). It can be tried in cafes Romaška, Sochi and on Bereg, on coast of river Sochi, street Riviera 6/4.


For those who love hot and spicy food have to try soup solyanka. Solyanka in Georgian way is fat, thick, smelling and nutrients soup. It is prepared from the best quality meat.Meat is cooked for few hours, with the onion, carrot, garlic, tomatoes and pepper addition. For specially spicy food lovers separately is served ajika (spicy combination). Solyanka goes best with soft or fresh Georgian lavaš. It can be tried in restaurant Amshensk house (internet page in Russian), Adler, settlement Kazachiy Brod, street Krasnoflotsk 15a.

Hinkali is flat piece of dough wrapped around meat .It is cooked in salted meat soup. Hinkali is filled with minced beef meat and meat soup, quite strong and fat. It is spiced with pepper, salt and small cut pieces of coriander leaves. Russian pelmeni are smaller and filled with meat.With hinkali red saurce is served (from tomatoes) and white (cahton).It can be tried in caffe White nights, Morska street 7.

One more masterpiece of Georgian cuisine, in Sochi is khachapuri.There are different versions of it.Main ingredient is cheese and dough. The thing that is the most similar to that in the world is Italian pizza, but the khachapuri. Has different , strong taste. The one who comes to Sochi must try khachapuri lodočka (small boat). Flat bread in the shape of boat filled with butter, egg and cheese. The chef has to be really good in order to bake it that the egg yolk stays soft. Lodočka is eaten by hands, by tearing the edges and dipping into cheese, butter and egg. It can be tried in caffe Old Bazar (internet page in Russian), street Nesebrskaya 4.

Magnolia or cheese balls can be ordered in catering object in Sochi. It is official name of the dish which is almost forgotten. Today this hot snack is simply called:cheese balls. First Magnolia showed 20 years ago on menu of Sochi’s restaurant Inturist thanks to their chef. Even today it is favourite snack which is ordered with beer and wine. It can be tried in caffe Del Mar, Sochi,street Naviginskaya 14, on coastal area near hotel Marins Park.

If you don’t eat meat, and don’t like spicy and strong food, in Sochi you will not stay hungry.In winter time sea food are not very various but it is very possible that you will try golden freckles halibut, surmullet, mussels and clams from Rapan. During the whole year you can order imperial fish or Kalifornian trout, sturgeon and sterlet. In Sichi is served quality red and black caviar which is produced here, in Adlerska region in Sochi, in special trout fish pond.

Abhask wine is a trade mark of Georgia. Sweet, semi sweet, dry or semi dry, black, pink and white wine-all that can be bought in Sochi. Apart from abhansk wines very rich asortiman of products of Cuban vineyards is sold.They offer as well sparkling wines. Gourmets, for example love champagne Extra Brut Victor Dravigny from winery Abrau Djurso. Winery Abrau Djurso is official supplier of wines for Games in Sochi.

Along with that wine the best goes cheese, which you can find in different kkinds. Two the most frequent kinds are: suluguni and adygej cheese.These two kinds of cheese have different kinds and flavours.There are those more salty, less salty, smoked.. Anyhow be sure that every home made cheese is quality and very tasty. You can buy it on Adlesk market.

If we talk about traditional Russian cuisine, in Sochi you have t try Cuban boršč.Don’t worry if they told you that it is from yesterday because it is the best after a day or two.Cream is obligatory with it.Along with that bacon,spring onion, black bread and of course 2 decilitre of vodka.The best cold snack is aspic with mustard and horseradish.You can try it in caffe Puzataja hata, street Navaginskaya 9/1, street Donska 9a.

Other typical Russian meal is pancakes.They are usually prepared in big amount during Maslenica (favourite national holiday after New Year and it lasts for a week). In Russia with pancakes is usually said goodbye to winter and the spring is expected.

Next year Maslenica starts on 24th February after the Olympics,but the pancakes will be prepared much earlier.They are usuaslly eaten with filling, red or black caviar, or with little salted salmon, meat, cheese, honey, jam, cream…Every day you can try new fillings. It can be tried in express restaurant Blinjuga, street Constitution of USSR.

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