The smallest monument in the world at the entrance of the hotel Tomsk


The height of bronze frog-traveller is only 44 mm.

Monument to frog-traveller which will be put up on the entrance of hotel “Tomsk”, pretends on the title of the smallest monument in the world-its height is only 44 mm. Author of this piece is Tomsk’s sculptor Oleg Kislicki.

According to his words, at the beginning the idea rose to make the monument for travellers, and than that it should be the smallest in the world. The character frog-traveller was the most suitable variant to relive this project.

“It is less frog , and more traveller, simply it is the smallest, and I just wanted to make the smallest monument in the world. Its height is 44 mm. At this moment, there are two smallest monuments in the world: according to characters of novel (“Nils’s fairytale journey with wild geese”) Nils- 100 mm and Cizik-Pizik (Saint Petersburg)- 120 mm”, says Kislicki.

He pointed out that the monument is casted in bronze a year ago. Till now “frog-traveller” stayed in studio of sculptor-they chose place for its “stay”. Among many variants , it was a small lake in abbot’s park, City garden, Traveller’s dome, as well as entrance to hotel Tomsk, where in year 2006was placed monument “To home slippers”, whose author is also Kislicki.

After a year, “frog” will get permanent stay as a real traveller, at the entrance of hotel Tomsk, where the place for her was prepared-it will stand on stone stand on the level of humans knees, around which the grass will be planted and people will throw their coins and make wishes.

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