Russians will be proud of their GMO food


Russia is getting ready to catch the step with world in production of genetic modified food (GMO). Measures for development of bio technologic and gene engineering are set up in development maps of Ministry for economical development. Officials hope that the import of bio technology will decrease and increase the presence of Russian Federation on this promising market.

Today part of Russian participation in fast growing but very controversial bio technology is less than 0,1 %. Meanwhile, analytics don’t doubt in future of this trend. According to their projections, till 2025 world market of GMO will come up to 2 trillion dollars. According to Russian authorities, till then Russia will totally set up production of genetic modified food in order to get as bigger as possible piece of that cake.

Development plan of bio technology in country is available on official pages of Government of Russian Federation. Suggested measures include bio pharmaceutical, industry bio technologies, agricultural and food technologies, forest technology, bio energy, bio technology of environment  and gene engineering. It is planned that in five years, till 2018, production of bio technological  products reach consumption of 300 milliard roubles comparing to 128 milliard euro in 2012, production of 200 million comparing to current 26 milliard and export of 50 milliard roubles comparing to 1 milliard roubles last year.

According to experts, today China gives the most resources for GMO researches. Germany and France are also focused on development of bio technologies, also Italy and USA, but in smaller amount. Interestingly, Even for Germany, whose government “preaches” the values of environment and maintaining of certain politics, development of GMO is not questionable. Meanwhile, big majority of people in Russia is still convinced in catastrophic effect of genetic modified food on humans health. Experts in area of science and technologies industry are not concerned about that.

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