Russian government is investing in tourism clusters

Republic Sakha will get 10 million roubles (300 580 dollars) from federal government as financing  for development of tourist clusters. Project managers expect to get another 196 million roubles from the government little later on. The finish of infrastructure building is planned for 2015.

Federal tourist agency has chosen Republic Sakha as one of 18 regions which will get national funds for tourist clusters, or only part of 2 milliard roubles of federal program for development of domestic tourism till 2018.

Tourist cluster “Severnaja Mozaika” (North Mozaik) in Republic Sakha is 33 km from centre of town Yakutsk and it spreads on 20 hectare of land.

Site will have prices of cottages, restaurants, spas, skiing slopes and houses in styles of different ethnic groups which will host different entertainment programs, according to its internet pages.

From 10 million roubles from federal budget is for connection of clusters for utilities. Republic’s government will add other 3 million roubles in this way. This is only first phase of infrastructure project, while total expenses are estimated on 256 million roubles, from what 196 million roubles will be collected from federal government.

Project would have to be public-private partnership where government covers 30 % of expenses , as it was said by representative for transport infrastructure and municipal affairs, while private investors will finance rest of 70%.Investors will get sublease, which can be made into, later on, ownership, and it is connected to special infrastructure.

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