In Moscow opened helicopter exhibition

On exhibition of helicopters which is held from 16th May till 18th May there are participating more than 200 companies from 18 world countries.

This year HeliRussia will reveal long time expected Ka-62 which is almost ready  for testing. The design model on last years exhibition draw big interest of experts and audience.

Ka-62 is civil model Ka-60 helicopter Kasatka made at the end of 20th century for needs of army and police. Lots of effort has been put into development of model Ka-62 in last five years. It was designed by industrial designer of world fame Vladimir Pirožkov. Ka-62 starts the most modern turbo- axle motor  TurbomecaArdiden 3G. Leading Austrian firm is engaged for making of main gearbox and transmission. Avionics Ka-62 also originates from the best producers. The result is elegant, comfortable and strong helicopter which rose a big interest of foreign and domestic buyers. One of the biggest Brasilian company have already signed the contract by which they order seven Ka-62 helicopters. Trial flights of Ka-62 should start this year, and certificate is expected till 2014.

Other  helicopters presented at the exhibition are Ansat , Mi-171A2, Mi-38 and Ka-226T which become more asked for. Civil helicopter of middle size AW139 which is joined product of Russian and Italian producers will also have its debut at the exhibition. SikorskyAircraftCorporation, the biggest helicopter producer in USA will present the cabin of its new heavy helicopter S-92 for the first time in Moscow.The connoisseurs expect the possibility very anxiously to be able to compare it with the cabin of MI-26,the heaviest helicopter in the world. At the exhibition will also shown whole range  of helicopters Robinson which become more and more popular inRussia.

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