First hostel for bikers in Moscow

In Moscow, on Arbat, is opened first hostel for bikers Residence BikeFF. Hostel will be opened whole year. Hostel’s rooms are equipped so that the guests can leave their bikes there. Hostel can accommodate up to 20 guests. There it wil be possible to rent and fix a bike and buy needed parts. Hostel is bulls eye as for foreigners as well as for citizens of Russian regions who via Moscow go to Europe, and it will host many guests who will come on 20th June to Moscow on, now traditional Biciklonight, dedicated to creation of Vladimir Majakovski. Construction of biciklohostel in Moscow is a result of big increase of bike popularity as a transport vehicle and sudden development of bike infrastructure.Due to that in Russian capital there are build new bike routes and paths and new places where you can rent a bike are opened.


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