Ten most expensive cities for diaspora

According to Mercel’s scale of the most expensive towns for diaspora in year 2013, Asian towns dominate and few European towns, and on second place isMoscow, whileLuandainAngoraholds first position.

Mercel’s scale „Life expenses“ is one of the world’s most comprehensive scales, designed to help multinational companies and governments to estimate the compensation for their employees abroad. As a baseNew Yorkwas used.

Research covers 214 towns on five continents, and it measures comparative expense of more than 200 items in each town, including habitation, transport, food, clothes, furniture and entertainment.

Differences in prices of these items are drastic. For example cost of cup of coffee in Managua, Nicaraqua is 1,54 dollars comparing to 8,29 dollars in Moscow, fast food hamburger meal in Calcutta is 3,62 dollars, India, comparing to 13,49 dollars in Caracas, cinema ticket 5,91 dollar in Johannesburg comparing to 20,10 dollars in London

The cost of living for emigrants is usually the biggest expense for employers, and that is important feature in scale place. Russian capitalMoscowfollowsLuandaas second most expensive town due to high expenses for accommodation rental and imported products and services, the most frequent items in benefits for emigrants. Rent of luxury two bedroom apartment  inMoscowis 4600 dollars monthly or 14 times more than inKarachi. Among five most expensive towns for emigrant, which also have high rental areTokyo,Chadtown N’Djamena andSingapore. Other towns on this list are Hong Kong,Geneva,BernandZurich.

Exchange rate change and influence of inflation on goods  and services  influenced prices. Some African towns are high rated on Mercel’s list, what is the reflection of high living expenses for foreign employees, while comparing to North and South America, towns inSouth Americaare the most expensive places for diaspora. When talking aboutUSA, the most expensive town isNew York.

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