Taxi driver returned lost things to Russian diplomat

An honest Medulin’s taxi driver Gabrijel Crnjac (23) returned to Russian diplomat bag full of money and expensive mobiles. Last week at Airport Pula Gabrijel found a bag full of mobile phones and money in foreign currency, and diplomat’s passport as well.

As honest founder, Crnjac informed police  and took found police to police area at airport. But, at the police they didn’t believe at first to honest young man, so they instead of praise they identified him, and complained why he touched left things, even though he did it on their suggestion. Gabrijel Crnjac told the policemen that he can return all the things where he found it, to toilet in the airport, but probably somebody else would take it.

After the insight in bag content apart from gold Nokia, iPhone and another expensive mobile phone, they found hundred euros, hundred dollars and five thousand roubles. Found diplomat’s passport was referring that the owner of lost passport is citizen of Russian Federation.

Russian diplomat has checked, on arrival to police area in Pula’s airport if all the things are inside, and it was estimated that there was inside around 30 thousand euro. Thankful Russian gave to Gabrijel as a reward one bill of hundred euro and one of hundred dollars, collected his things and left.

“I soon left and just wanted to go back to taxi driving and knew that the business is waiting for me. I didn’t think if I could have taken the bag and not telling anybody.Maybe I could have, even though there are cameras everywhere but nobody would know. I have thought of it later, but I think that I have done correctly. I think that dishonesty is not good and that the good things are marked somewhere. Anyway, it was a good day, it was busy, and everybody point fingers on taxi drivers that they are this and that. Now you can see that they are some of us honest and good”, Gabrijel doesn’t regret.

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