Spectacular surroundings of Sochi

Sochi,the town of fantastic combination of palms and winter sports courts has equally stunning surroundings.

Devil’s gate in Navališčensk canyon is natural phenomenon, which got this name due to unpredictable river during heavy rains. In the middle of picturesque rocky scenery river Hosta creates magnificent canyon, long around one and a half kilometre. There is also small lake here, and further on along the canyon there is a fall 4 meters high. When heavy rains fall, the water level rise for three meters and among the rocks is created small gap where the water spouts. In this gap, as Russian say, “ not even the devil puts its nose”. here you can enjoy on the lake coast, in steam bath, in restaurants with live music or in a hotel. If you bring your ingredients, local chefs will for small compensation prepare lunch, and in restaurant you can try dolma ( type of meat and cabbage rolls), sheep ribs, meat and fish shashlik and local wine. Devil’s gate is favourite place for paintball lovers from Sochi.

Ahun is the tallest peak in coastal part of town. This mountain is totally covered with dense forest and from all sides is surrounded by water of wild river and Black sea. Its altitude of 663 meters. Climbing on top of Ahun became one of the most popular excursion routes in Sochi. Viewpoint for tourist is opened whole year. At the bottom of it there are catering objects where you can try domestic wine, tea from Russian samovar with honey or juicy shashlik.

In Sochi you can see something from the period of ice age- relict subtropical forests. This unique monument of nature, yew forests and boxwood are in settlement Hosti.In the forest the yew is grown 30 meters high and 1000 years old, 400 years old beech and old branched willow. Small paths is 1800 meters long, concrete with benches and informative boards. Big circular path is 5 km long and it leads through rocky area.

One more pearl from Sochi are Eagle’s rocks. Bushes and trees grow right out from white rocks and from the height of 380 m the magnificent view to Black sea and mountain Ahun is offered. Natives claim here the eagles used to find their habitat.

From Eagle’s rocks you can go down to Agura’s waterfall, which even at winter create unforgettable scene. On river Agura there are lined one after other three big waterfalls. Last in the row consists of two cascades, of 18 and 12 meters height. The height of middle one is 23 meters, and the first one 21 meter. There you can also find picturesque Devil’s baptistery, small lake which from the height of three meters falls on the small fall.

In the vicinity of town there are Voroncovsk caves, one of the biggest complexes of underground caves in Russia. Its total length is more than 11 km. Voroncovsk caves today consists of three major parts, connected by narrow tunnels. Special attention of the visitors attract the hall of unbelievable dimensions under the name “Prometej”.It is long for 120 m and high 20 m, and on its walls and arches different limestones are curved, stoned rivers, as well as stalactites and stalagmites.

On just few kilo meters from the airport there is Trout’s fish pond famous in whole Krasnodarsk area, where you can fish as much as you want of buy fresh fish. Current, incredible trout with the addition of different herbs and sauces is prepared by chefs in restaurant “Canyon” situated near fish pond. The trip leads down the valley of river Mzimte, the biggest mountain river in region. From viewpoint the magnificent view is offered on tha canyon Ahcu. 5 km after you pass the settlement Keps there is hotel complex “Bear’s corner”, famous for mineral sources. One more sight is “ Girl’s tears” falling from the 11 m high cliff.

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