Soon effective law on arms sales in Russia

New order by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, which will become valid from 12th November, amends and upgrades law “On weapon”. From the one hand it reinforces the control of weapon, and on the other hand to the participants from that market the game rules become clear.

According to the information by Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 5 million of Russian citizens has firearm. Apart from that, it was sold around two million “non lethal” guns and revolvers. Nobody knows the exact number.

Experts claim that the there is the same number of non registered weapons. Russian police looks for more than 200 thousand weapons, from what 70 thousand of hunting rifles. The file of lost and stolen weapons is kept from 1947. Since that it was found more than 160 thousand units.

Russiais on 9th place at the number of armed people. InRussia every tenth citizen has weapon. The third of all weapon (official, sports and so called civil) is in hands ofMoscow’s people. InMoscow more than half a million of owner of civil weapon is registered. Annual increase of civil armament is 5 %. Nearly half of that number (239 419 thousand) are owners of self defence weapon, or guns, who most often take the weapon even at harmless quarrels.

In the Law on weapon recently the new corrections were made which seriously limit the owners’ rights of hidden carrying of weapon. If the hunter, for example, can have 6 weapon units, the owner , which has the weapon for self defence, can have only two such kind of units. Apart from that, the owners of non lethal weapon will have to pass the test on use of weapon every time. If it is stated the owner of gun doesn’t know certain laws and rules for its use, and even more, does not know how to shot form it, will have to part with the weapon. Or it will learn the “army craft”. One more important change in legislation: term “non lethal weapon” does not exist any more. There is the term “firearm of limited injury”.

In order to increase the control of weapon traffic, by the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs upgrades the order for weapon purchase, according to which the weapon purchase can be done only by legal entity, and normal citizen has the right to submit the weapon only in police.

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