Sofia and Brussels vain attempt to revive the construction of “South Stream”


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Brussels still can not believe that the project South Stream for Europe lost. An emergency meeting of EU ministers of energy was held on Tuesday, and even skeptical German delegation expressed hope for the rescue of the negotiations with Moscow on the construction of the pipeline.

“It would be nice for the whole Europe if the project is not dead,” said before the Brussels meeting Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Energy, German, Sigmar Gabriel. He admitted that the Russian decision to end the project South Stream” and construction pipeline through Turkey is final. “We can just hope that, when relations between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union stabilize, the project will be discussed again,” -said Gabriel.

For months Brussels shows no interest in removing the obstacles that he himself has created and thus slowed down the construction of gas pipeline from Russia to Europe. But in the last few days the European politicians woke up, unfortunately too late.

The elimination of obstacles to the construction of South Stream” was the main topic at the meeting of Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Šefčovič, and ministries of energy from eight EU countries that were involved in the project (Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Romania ). The representative of the EC AnnaKaisa Itkonen believes that the purpose of meeting is the adoption of international agreement on South Stream” in accordance with the third energy package of the EU.

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 View from Turkey

While the in-Bruxellu trying to revive the South Stream”, representatives of the European Union rushed to Ankara. During the visit, the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini explained that Ankara has a good chance to realize their dream and become members of the EU. Most important is that they do not support the Russians in their sanctions.

However, as stated by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz, Ankara will not choose between Russia and the European Union. In his opinion, everyone should follow their own interests. The Turks made it clear to partners that will be happy to activate the process of joining the EU, but are not yet ready to sacrifice relations with Moscow.


Source: RG.RU

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