Smart towns in Russia

Town Sestroretsk near Peterburg once was considered as cradle or revolutionary working class- the biggest weapon factory was there, whose workers in 1917 went to capital to organize regular expropriation. It seems that after hundred years Sestroretsk will become the cradle of new revolution, but of different kind- right here Japanese experts from association Smart City Planning and architectural office Nikken Sekkei (together with Russian company for development North-west Invest) intend to build from the basis  New coast- first Russian “smart town”. In the project New coast is important Japanese experience because in the surrounding ofPetersburgthere is not enough free land as inJapan. “Smart town” will be build on artificial island. New coast will be firstRussiamini-polis which will have all Japanese principles and needs for modern town surroundings. Transformation of Russian towns into “smart mini-polis” will solve many town problems for example big traffic jam.

The president of company Nikken Sekkej Mitsuo Nakamura stayed inMoscowas a part of delegation of the highest business cadre ofJapan, which accompanied Japanese prime minister Shinz Abe during his visit toRussia. “CurrentMoscowreminds ofTokyoin 70s”, said Mitsuo Nakamura. “There is not enough place here, the dust is in the air all the time, town is dirty, everything is the same as it was inTokyo. And everybody though that the problems of big mega polis can not be solved over night. After the concept of “smart town” showed as reliable , the authorities in Tokyo voted in 1988 the law on support for polycentric spatial development of town towards which certain main ways of leading town’s functions from centre to suburbs were determined”, said Nakamura. The transformation of Russian towns in “smart mini polis” will solve many town problems. Construction of information systems will enable unification town quarters in eco systems, which will ease distribution of utilities between concrete houses. Each citizen of the town will be able to take care about personal expenses of energy, water and use of other utilities, compare them with the estimated spending and cut down on excessive spending.

What is the most important for Russian citizens is the solution of problems in town transportation. More and more provincial towns, with Moscow and other million citizens towns, has big problem with traffic jams. In some towns local authorities even cancelled trams and trolley buses in order to make the roads easier for cars, which only made the situation worse, since the cut down on public transport made the citizens to more active use of personal transportation means. Moscow’s authorities  work in the way to make the Moscow “smart town” so significant funds were given in last two years for solution of this problem in traffic. Sergej Sobjanin, the mayor of Moscow, started the initiative for construction of separate traffic lines on key roads, releasing in work the system of automatic handling of traffic Start and ASUDD TTK. In Moscow is placed more than 750 photo and video cameras which record traffic violations. Soon they will release ITS- intelligent system of handling of traffic torrents, which already work in big towns of Europe and Asia. Big hopes are placed on GLONASS, placing of transmitters in around 8 thousand buses and trolley buses in order to create unique centre, which will collect all information connected to public transport in capital. But, Japanese expert for “smart towns” is not specially thrilled by that innovations. Nakamura points out that neither automatic system of handling could solve this problem of Tokyo, but the Japanese capital was saved by road knots and wide highway, thanks to which town offices were moved to periphery, which is long process, which lasted in Tokyo for about 20 years

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