Siberian scientists treat spine injuries

Siberian scientists by transplanting parent cell first in the world succeeded to animals with damaged spinal cord return the possibility to move and gave a great hope to the patients with paralysis. Their discovery could mean first revolution in medicine and the hope for all those whose heavy spine damages caused immobility. Doctors still can’t help to many victims of falls, car accidents or damages by fire weapons.

In case of damage of spinal cord patients stay disabled at first level and they are forced to spend the rest of their life in wheelchairs. Method of Siberian scientists is based on amazing possibility of parent cells to transform themselves in the cells of any other organ. Every such transformation is done in totally specific way according to personal “scheme”. Organism for that use special commands which start whole range of metamorphosis. Science has just started to find this signals. However, it seems that the development of cells of nerve system from parent cells is not secret anymore. Today scientists can by different chemical signals transform from parent cell in elements of nerve system, first of all in neuron, which nerve signals emits to muscles, glands, skin or mucosa. “We have done the experiments on animals which had spinal cord totally destroyed”, said deserving investor ofRussian Federation, doctor of medicine, professor of Krasnojarsk state medicine university Igor Boljšakov. “ Animals were totally paralyzed , but after they have transplanted our matrices with parent cell the cells started to move. Internal organs such as bladder and colon totally returned its function.”

Even though the method itself is acknowledged, in real experiments is functions weakly. Boljšakov considers that the reason for failure of colleagues from Russia and abroad was in that that cells which were grown on special matrix were taken off from that matrix and were transferred on the place on spinal cord. It proved that that transfer was ruinous for sensitive cells. Many of them at the same time lost its function, and many just simply died. “ We have , on the contrary, learnt to transfer the cells directly, not taking them off from the matrix, but together with it”, explained Boljšakov. He adds that in that way there are almost no losses. The procedure enabled almost totally return of functions of damaged spinal cord and capacity for moving of animals.

So far experiments were done only on animals. For use of this method on people scientists need more perfect equipment, supplies and adequate financing. As Igor Boljšakov claims, it is already clear in which way this advanced technology can be useful to people. However, complications can occur connected to certain legal questions which refers to use of parent cells. Siberian scientists became leaders in this scientist area thanks to this accomplished results.

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